Seaside Municipal Code

The City of Seaside Municipal Code consists of the regulatory and administrative ordinances of the City of Seaside, California, codified pursuant to the provisions of Sections 50022.1-50022.8 and 50022.10 of the State of California Government Code. Click here for the codified, searchable Municipal Code

Report a Municipal Code Violation to the Code Enforcement Hotline: 831-899-6729

Seaside Municipal Code Titles

Various City departments are responsible for enforcement and administration of different sections of the Seaside Municipal Code. Below is a description of each section or "Titles" of the Municipal Code.

Title 1 - General Provisions

This Section includes general Municipal Code provisions, public hearing notification procedures, and the City's citation, enforcement, and legal procedures for violation of Municipal Code provisions. The City Attorney's office, City Clerk and Police Department are the main offices responsible for enforcing Title 1.

Title 2 - Administrative & Personnel

This Section explains the role and responsibilities of the City Council, City Manager, City Attorney, City Treasurer and various Boards and Commissions. Staff personnel regulations, municipal election procedures, and conflict of interest codes are also contained in Title 2. The office of the City Manager and Personnel Division of the Administrative Services Department are largely responsible for Title 2 provisions.

Title 3 - Revenue & Finance

The City's policies on budgeting, procurement, tax collection, property assessment, and administrative fees and charges are contained in Title 3 of the Seaside Municipal Code. The Finance Division of the Administrative Services Department is responsible for managing the provisions of Title 3, with direction from the Seaside City Council.

Title 4 - (Reserved)

Title 5 - Business Licenses & Regulations

Title 5 contains the policies and procedures for business licenses and fees and specific regulations for certain business types, including, but not limited to: bingo halls, cable TV franchises, lodging establishments, taxis, and vehicle towing services. The Finance Division of the Administrative Services Department primarily administers Title 5 through the issuance of annual business licenses.

Title 6 - Animals

Title 6 consists of the regulations for animal control in the City of Seaside, including dog license requirements, dog ownership rules, and beehive permits. The Animal Control Officer in the Police Department is responsible for administering Title 6.

Title 7 - (Reserved)

Title 8 - Health & Safety

The City's Health and Safety Code under Title 8 primarily concerns environmental regulations, citizen safety, and aesthetics in the City of Seaside, including, but not limited to: abandoned vehicles, property maintenance, graffiti abatement, fireworks, stormwater quality, and tree maintenance. A number of City Departments are responsible for the administration of Title 8, though the Code Enforcement office under the Building Division of the Resource Management Services Department is the main contact for property maintenance and environmental issues.

Title 9 - Public Peace, Morals & Welfare

Title 9 is concerned with how Seaside citizens and visitors conduct themselves within the City, including alcohol consumption in public places, conduct in City parks and recreation areas, noise regulations, overnight occupancy of vehicles on public property, loitering, and use of weapons. The Police Department is the primary contact for the protection of the public peace and welfare.

Title 10 - Vehicles & Traffic

Title 10 includes the City's policies on traffic circulation, street and curb markings, speed limits, parking limits, bicycle operation, and public parades. The Public Works Division under Resource Management Services is primarily responsible for the regulations contain in Title 10.

Title 11 - (Reserved)

Title 12 - Streets, Sidewalks & Public Places

Title 12 concerns the use and maintenance of the public street, including curb, gutter, driveway, and sidewalk standards, street naming, building address assignment, and advertising within the public right-of-way. The City's Adopt-A-Light Program is also described under Title 12. The Public Works Division under the Resource Management Services Department is primarily responsible for administering the standards of the public street and sidewalks.

Title 13 - Public Services

The City's public utilities and services are addressed under Title 13, including the City's underground utility districts, municipal water system, California-American Water Company franchise agreement, stormwater management utility, and water permit allocation program. The Public Works Division under the Resource Management Services Department is primarily responsible for delivering the City's public services.

Title 14 - (Reserved)

Title 15 - Buildings & Construction

Title 15 contains the City's Building Code, Building Permit and Certificate of Occupancy policies, standards for excavation, grading, and clearing, and water conservation, among other issues. The Building Division under the Resource Management Services Department administers Title 15 for the City of Seaside.

Title 16 - Subdivisions

Title 16 consists of the procedures, design standards, and approval process for the subdivision of property within the City of Seaside. The Public Works Division, working with the Planning Division and Building Division, under the Resource Management Services Department is responsible for administering the City's Subdivision Ordinance under Title 16.

Title 17 - Zoning Ordinance

Title 17 contains the Seaside Zoning Ordinance and is administered by the Planning Division .Title 17 includes the City's land use and development standards and Planning permit procedures for the City. 
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