Fees Calculated

"Financial Services" image of financial charts

How Are Fees Calculated?

Business license fees are based on the type of business and the amount of gross receipts the business generates as prescribed in Title 5 of the Seaside Municipal Code. For help in determining business type or calculating fees, please contact MuniServices at 866-240-3665 or view the Fee Schedule 2021-2022(PDF).

Additional Fees

  • A fire inspection fee is required for businesses located in Seaside.
  • Each person obtaining a business license will also pay one dollar ($1), which will be used for city street decorations.
  • All solicitors, hawkers, peddlers and itinerant vendors will be required to obtain police clearance. Any person who is required to receive a clearance and investigative report from the Police Department, including fingerprinting and/or investigation, will pay a fee of twenty dollars ($20) for this service.