Fire Department History

Seaside has had an interesting, if not challenging, history and our fire department is no exception. Established as a county Fire District in 1940, and brought under the City’s control during incorporation in 1954, the Seaside Fire Department is proud of its role in contributing to Seaside’s success.

The early days of the department are well preserved through photographs and various documents, and demonstrate a series of challenges, due largely to the growth of Fort Ord during the Second World War. The fire district not only faced rapid, and poorly planned initial community expansion, but a shortage of volunteer fire fighters. In fact, in the spirit of Rosie the Riveter, Seaside’s fire fighting efforts during the war were largely aided by the wives of volunteers serving in the armed forces. By the mid 1940’s, Seaside had grown so quickly that it required at least some full time personnel, along with a new fire station.

In subsequent decades, Seaside’s continued expansion and modernization, required a likewise expansion and modernization of fire protection, so during 1950’s, a new, larger, fire station was occupied on Olympia Avenue. By the 1950’s, the number of emergencies had also increased to the point that volunteers could no longer reliably handle many of the calls and complete full time staffing was provided. During the remainder of the 1950’s and through the upcoming decades of the 60’s, 70’, Seaside pioneered active fire prevention and public education efforts, which continue today. Seaside also provided emergency medical care and transportation for our citizens long before the advent of paramedics.

Since the 1980’s, the fire department has operated out of its current home at Broadway Avenue and Yosemite Street. And today, under strong leadership and a pro-active city council, the fire department is positioned to provide effective and reliable service to our citizens and the adjoining community of Del Rey Oaks, who we proudly serve under contract.