Awards in Excellence

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Through the Years

In 1966 a program was started to recognize and honor officers that had displayed unusual excellence during the course of that year. It was, and still is, sponsored and administered by the Seaside American Legion Post 591 at 1000 Playa Street. Officers are given this award after being recommended by the supervisory staff and upon the concurrence of command staff and the Chief of Police.

Officers that received this honor displayed the highest values of the police profession during the year chosen and served the City of Seaside with exemplary Honor, Pride, and Commitment. They continue to be recognized on this page.
Corporal Nicholas Borges 2011
Officer Nicholas Borges 2007
Officer Bryan Hieger 2003
F.T.O. Ronald D. Long, Jr. 1999
F.T.O. Christopher Veloz 1995
Officer Frederic E. Phillips 1991
Officer Charles Bass 1987
F.T.O. Michael V. Bainter 1983
Sergeant Marvin Dike 1979
Officer Alan J. Frees 1975
Officer Gerald S. House 1971
Officer Duaine A. Garrison 1967
Detective Gabriel D. Anderson 2012
Officer Danny Martin 2008
F.T.O. Frank Martin 2004
Officer Juan Cruz-Gonzalez 2000
F.T.O. Leo Kafer 1996
Officer Joseph V. Bertaina 1992
Officer Ronald Allen 1988
Officer Rober Ingersoll 1984
Officer Robert M. Garrett 1980
Officer Thomas Lauenroth 1976
Policewoman Ira Lively 1972
Lieutenant Dale W. Anderson 1968
Officer Edwardo Enriquez 2013
Deputy Chief Mick Vernon 2009
Officer Bruno Dias 2005
Officer Jon D. Law 2001
F.T.O. William Barrett 1997
Officer Louis J. Lumpkin 1993
Officer Glenn Hanano 1989
Officer James Adamietz 1985
Officer Kevin C. Smith 1981
Officer John D. Zimmerman 1977
Sergeant Jack D. Harp 1973
Sergeant David Butler 1969
Office Dan Charlton 2014
Officer Dexter Johnson 2010
Officer Judy Stradan 2006
Officer Jorge E. Enriquez 2002
S.R.O. Larry Raussa 1998
Officer Gregory P. Alnas 1994
Officer Joseph Maltby 1990
Officer Thomas Ludovico 1986
Officer William Milosh 1982
Officer Mark Puskaric 1978
Lieutenant Herschel Amos 1974
Officer James F. Barnes 1970
Captain B.W. Cooper 1966