Art in Public Places

The Art in Public Places Program is directed, in part, towards developing and upgrading the City of Seaside’s permanent art collection through acquisitions. Art in public places is hereby defined as:

Intents & Purpose

The quality of life of the community is greatly enhanced by high quality Public art. Therefore, it is the intent and purpose of the following to set forth a policy regarding the acquisitions and installation of public art. It is further intended for the City of Seaside through its Art in Public Places Program to celebrate its artistic heritage, embrace its cultural responsibilities and guarantee its future generations a rich artistic legacy.


The principal goals for acquiring and displaying works of art on public property are:
  • To enrich the public environment for both residents and visitors to the area through incorporation of the visual arts
  • To enable Seaside to sustain and enhance its recognition as an art destination for visual arts
  • To promote local artists
  • To promote diversity through a variety of style, design and media