City Parks

There are several neighborhood parks offering open space, playgrounds, and picnic facilities.  Highland Otis, Martin Park, and Trinity Park were updated in 2015 with bbq facilities and new playground equipment.  To view any of the City parks and to find their locations and amenities offered, click on the name of the park below.  Park hours are from dawn to dusk.

The City of Seaside is fortunate to offer 86 acres of open space, including 22 neighborhood parks and a large regional park for City residents and visitors. 

Some parks have athletic facilities including baseball, tennis and basketball courts. Two parks have barbeque areas which can be reserved for large gatherings; Soper Field and Laguna Grande. Several neighborhood parks have picnic areas and barbecue facilities, the park links below can provide more information on each park.

Fields can be reserved at Cutino Park, Metz Park and Soper Field.  Please contact the Recreation Department for scheduling field usage.
  1. West Broadway Construction

    West Broadway Urban Village Infrastructure Update

    Week of 10/9-MPE plans to prepare subgrade for new sidewalk and install the temporary lighting. Once concrete sample finishes are approved, the concrete pour will begin. The electrical subcontractor install new streetlight conduit.
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    Seaside is open for business! Open Counter helps find a location!

    Open Counter helps entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in Seaside to identify a location, understand the required approval process, and estimate the fees associated with setting up shop Read on...
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    SHOP BROADWAY: Support Local Business During Construction

    The Construction project in the Downtown Corriodor is affecting our local busienses. Show your support by Shopping Broadway! Click For A lIsting of Broadway Busineses
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    A witty, informative, semi-weekly report to staff and the public on all activities throughout the City that are in progress or have been completed over the week, written by our forward thinking leader, City Manager Craig Malin. Read on...
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Parks Plan

There is a Parks, Recreation and Community Services Plan (PDF) which identifies park issues and approaches to meet the need.  The City Council adopted the plan in October 2005, the Plan provides policies for developing and maintaining the park system, and financing of improvements.   More specifically the plan identifies and evaluates the existing system, assesses the need for additional park land, open space and specialized facilities, establishes criteria and standards for site selection, design, and management of the various areas.


Park reservations can be made for Laguna Grande Park and Soper Park barbeque areas.  Reservations are available on a first come, first served basis, so it is encouraged to have an alternate day prepared in case the first choice is not available.  Download the reservation form above and submit to the Resource Management Services front counter at 440 Harcourt Avenue.

Reservations for field usage for Soper Field, Metz Field, and Cutino Field can be made by contacting the Recreation Department.


To reserve Soper Field or Laguna Grande barbeque areas, complete the Permit to Use City Parks and Picnic Facilities Form and bring it to City Hall Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to check availability and pay fees. To reserve field usage for Soper Field or Cutino Park,  contact the Recreation Department at (831) 899-6800.


Fees can now be paid by VISA or Master Card. Park Reservation Fees vary by site, are non-refundable, and some sites are subject to a partially refundable cleaning deposit.  Click here for the recent adopted fee schedule.

Note: Cleaning deposits are refundable up to 75% upon verification of satisfactory cleaning condition