Cutino Park Improvement Project

"Public Works & Engineering"

Cutino Park is a 6.62 acre multi-use park located at the corner of San Pablo Avenue and Noche Buena Street, adjacent to the Boys and Girls Club,in the City of Seaside. Cutino Park is one of the most heavily used parks in the City.  Existing facilities at the site include a lighted youth baseball field,spectator seating, concession and restroom building, storage building, basketball court, handball court, playground area, concrete fountain, picnic area and paved pathways.  

The City of Seaside is looking to renovate the park for better community use,code compliance and sustainability. This project is estimated to cost $4 Million dollars but will significantly improve the park for use by more residents and youth programs and will become a quality of life asset in our community. 


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Verde Design-Cutino Park Proposal Cover Page with image of public park in center of city

The Project

The City of Seaside is moving forward with site improvements to Cutino Park. The proposed improvements include:

  1. Renovation of the natural grass athletic field with synthetic turf for multi sports use,
  2. Replace the existing playground with a new inclusive playground area,
  3. Install a skate park,
  4. Upgrades to the restroom building,concession stand and storage facility, to accommodate American's with Disability Act (ADA),
  5. Add a parking lot,
  6. Add lighting, communications and security upgrades
  7. Providing spectator seating,
  8. Integrate accessible circulation throughout the site,
  9. Create an overall theme and entry features, 1O.Maintain the existing positive mature aspects of the site

To learn more, check out the Program Narrative from the September 1, 2017 Stake Holder Meeting


The City of Seaside staff and the Verde Design and their subconsultants are the "Design Team," but we see all of Cutino Park's stakeholders as members of the "Design Team" and are looking to partner with you and receive your input, ideas, suggestions and concerns.This is your park and our desire and goal is that the completed park reflects the community, and its user's needs.

Existing Conditions Map

Existing Conditions

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Cutino Skate Park Concept

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