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Chief's Preface

We are the most visible form of government for the City of Seaside. We are privileged to serve as ambassadors for the Seaside Police Department. Let us internalize the immense responsibility we have to be community guardians-builders of the public trust-and allow it to manifest into professional and compassionate service. Procedurally just principles should guide our interaction with our diverse residents, for it engenders legitimacy. Moreover, practicing procedural justice elicits greater citizen cooperation, satisfaction, and can make our community safer. 

The Department Manual serves as a guide to clearly communicate what we expect from one another, the service we will provide to our stakeholders, and the manner in which we will faithfully execute our duties. It is comprehensive, but not all-inclusive. There are situations you will encounter which cannot, nor should they, be codified in a policy manual. In such circumstances, procedural justice, compassion, equity, and community safekeeping should inform your decisions. Our ultimate aim is to remedy root causes-as opposed to temporarily resolve superficial manifestations. 

We must not forget we serve the public. Consequently, there will be instances where we solicit input, guidance, and assent from the public when we formulate policies that impact them. This is not only encouraged, but expected from departments who adhere to the tenets of community policing. Likewise, you will often be asked to weigh in on meaningful policy changes-which is consistent with procedurally just organizations. Please take advantage of your platform to shape our agency. You can anticipate periodic updates, over time, as we strive to remain abreast of industry best practices. 

All Seaside Police Department employees are responsible for knowing and understanding the Department Manual. You can access the manual electronically or in hard copy form. It is every member's responsibility to remain current with regard to any revisions to our Department Manual. 

Abdul D. Pridgen
Chief of Police 

Department Policies

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