The Ascent Project, at Terrace & Broadway

At the corner of Broadway Avenue and Terrace Street, in the middle of Seaside, there’s a vast and nearly empty lot but not for long as the Ascent project is proposing to build a ten building workforce rental housing project consisting of 105 one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom units and townhouses along Olympia Ave, with 14 of those being affordable units. The building along Terrace St. and Broadway is also proposing 4,000 square feet of retail space. The building along Broadway are paired together with a shared vehicular court  and in between the pairs of building are green spaces with seating areas for the residents.

Between City and private developer allocations, there is projected to be enough water for the project.

The project would accelerate the City's improvements for the Downtown district and realize the City priorities of growing upward, increasing our affordable housing supply and becoming more transit and pedestrian-friendly. 

Stay tuned as this project develops further!


Any questions about this project can be directed to
Economic Development Director Kurt Overmeyer at 831.899.6839 or

ascent5 project site