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Posted on: August 14, 2017

Subscribe to the Manifest!


The Manifest is the City Manager's semi-weekly report to staff and the public on all activities throughout the City that are in progress or have been completed over the week. Manifest is a verb (to display or show), adjective (clear or obvious) and noun (document detailing a vessel's passengers, crew and cargo). 

Now you can subscribe to be notified when it is posted! 

1. At the bottom of every page of the City Website, there’s an
icon titled "Notify Me" (purple circle with an envelope).

2. Enter your email address to subscribe, unsubscribe or manage your
subscriptions, or enter your cell phone number for text messaging.

3. Click the button that looks like an envelope, next to "Manifest", and you’ll get
noticed when the next Manifest posts.

4. Viola! 

Click here to Read the Most Recent Manifest
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