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Posted on: February 14, 2018

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Design Competition for Gateway: Visionaries Wanted

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Design Competition for Gateway Begins: Visionaries Wanted

The City of Seaside’s Neighborhood Improvement Program Commission announces a design competition for a highly-visible gateway feature at the northeast corner of Canyon Del Rey Boulevard and Del Monte Boulevard.

The design competition features cash prizes of $1,500 for first place, $1,000 for second place, and $500 for third place. Entries are due by 5:00PM, Saturday, March 31.  Entries must be submitted by e-mail to Economic Development Program Manager Gloria Stearns at

There were on-site meetings at noon and 5:00 PM on February 28th to discuss site conditions and constraints. Questions and answers from those meetings are posted below.

The winning entry will be determined by the Neighborhood Improvement Program Commission.  Artists must design an entryway that includes the word “Seaside” and can be implemented for under $50,000.  

Artists may submit designs they either can fabricate themselves or may be fabricated by others.  If an artist submits a design they will fabricate themselves, the City will contract with the artist for the fabrication.  If an artist submits a design for someone else to fabricate, the cash award for the design will be provided upon the City securing a bid to create and install the design for less than $50,000.  (Scroll down for entry details).

Here's the Q&A From the February 28th on-site Meetings (and an aerial photo with dimensions)

What materials should we use?
Choose materials with your budget limitation in mind – costs must remain under $50,000 to implement.

Will the site be graded?
The site may be graded as needed.

Can the design face more than one direction?
Yes, if that is what you want. Keep in mind that 24,000 cars go by a day, usually at a high rate of speed.

How will this be maintained?
A combination of City staff, NIPC and SeaStars will maintain the site. Depending on the art chosen, other professionals may be necessary.

Can we design using electricity?
Assume there is no electricity. Solar or other alternative power is an option.

What are the measurements of the site?
For your convenience, we have measurements here for you.

Is there a desired theme?
Seaside continues to evolve. While there is no desired theme, the City mission is: Include. Innovate. Inspire.

What is the flavor of design? Whimsical? Sophisticated? Formal?
We don’t want to limit your creativity. You can enter as many times as you like, so enter a design of each type if you desire.

Do we design the whole site?
You may choose to design the whole site, but really, we’re looking for your big idea to really anchor that site and make an impact.

If we design the whole site, what plants should we use?
A plant list was already suggested, but if you really want to design the landscape, plants must be drought tolerant, and preferably native.

What if we block the business behind? How tall can our entry be?
There is not a height limitation currently, but be mindful of your budget. We will consider entries that partially block the business behind the site.

Can we plant trees?
Any plants must be drought tolerant, as there is no water on this site. Plants will be watered just to get established. Trees often require deeper space for roots, and there is asphalt approximately 2 feet under the surface of this entire site. Trees won’t do well in that situation.

Will there be paths on the site?
Yes. A path should remain open along the building behind the site. There is also a plan for a path crossing the site closer to the intersection of Canyon Del Rey and Del Monte.

Is the competition open to people outside of Seaside?
Yes. And tell your friends!
CDR Gateway Dimensions

Technical Details

Technical details are available on the City of Seaside website here.

Full Media Release

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Entry Information:

  • Entries must be in one PDF file not to exceed 10 MB and emailed to:
  • It is essential that entries include a drawing or illustration that conveys the idea, as well as a listing of materials and colors intended for use. If you can estimate the cost of implementing your entry, it is greatly appreciated, but not a requirement.
  • You may submit more than one entry per person and/or team.
  • Any entries submitted must be suitable for public release. Entries become the property of the City of Seaside. 
  • The City of Seaside reserves the right to disqualify entries with possible breach of intellectual property rights, and the entrant shall indemnify the City of Seaside [and other concerned parties] against any claims and liabilities arising from any such breach.
  • Entries received after the deadline will not be considered.

For more information, email:

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