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Fee Waiver Request Form

  1. Policy Regarding Room Rental Fees & Waivers: Fees may be waived for activities that benefit the majority of Seaside residents. Any new organizations requesting fee waivers are required to submit a letter of intent and complete the Fee Waiver Request form to the Recreation Services Department. The application will be submitted to the City Manager or his designee for review and approval. In the event that the fee waiver request is denied by the City Manager, the request can be appealed to the City Council. Applicants must demonstrate that the following criteria are satisfied:
  2. 1. At least 60% of the organization's membership must consist of Seaside residents. The organization must provide documentation verifying membership residency.
  3. 2. The organization must be a 501(C)3 non-profit or public benefit organization and provide taxpayer identification number.
  4. 3. The organization must provide an in-kind service/donation to benefit and augment the City of Seaside. A written statement must be submitted with the application outlining specific donations and/or services provided by the organization to the City of Seaside.
  5. Fee Waivers for Meeting Rooms
  6. 1. Meetings are limited to four hours.
  7. 2. All organizations receiving fee waivers must give sevens days notice of cancellation. If no notice is given of cancellation, the City reserves the right to deny further fee waiver requests.
  8. 3. Due to limited space, organizations may not request fee waivers for any more than one meeting room use per year; fee waivers are not intended to provide for ongoing weekly or monthly meeting use.
  9. 4. No faith-based organizations may apply for fee waivers due to the separation of church and state.
  10. Auditorium Rental Fee Waiver
    Organizations requesting the use of the Auditorium must:
  11. 1. Pay the non-refundable portion of the deposit per event.
  12. 2. An organization requesting use of the auditorium for a special event or meeting may receive no more than one fee waiver request within a 90-day period.
  13. 3. Provide special event liability insurance. The following is required: Provide an "Occurrence Made" liability insurance policy, naming the city as additionally insured, with limits of $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate. A copy of that policy must be provided to the Recreation Services Department or purchase special event liability insurance through the Recreation Services Department at the time of fee waiver request. This insurance covers not only the city, but also those renting the facility. Fundraising activities of any nature do not qualify for fee waivers. Special Events may be required to provide security at renter's expense. A photocopy of the contract must be on file whit the Recreation Services Department. The number of security guards requires is determined by the nature of the vent and the number in attendance.
  14. A City-sanctioned organization is defined as "any community-based group or organization that in cooperation with the Recreation Services Department, provides entertainment, recreation, and/educational service benefiting the citizens of Seaside." All deposits are placed in the maintenance and janitorial fund designated for the upkeep and repair of the Oldemeyer Center.
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