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Vendor Interest Form

  1. Vendor Interest Application
    Thank you for showing interest in participating as a vendor at the City of Seaside events. In order to make this a smoother process, we are asking all interested parties to complete the interest form. You will only need to submit this form once to be added to the list of vendors. When the City of Seaside has an event where vendors are needed, they will pull from the list of vendors who have completed their interest forms. We appreciate your time and look forward to having you at our upcoming events!
  2. Business Type*
  3. Food and craft vendors: please list food or goods to be sold. Information and other vendors: please describe organization and information to be shared.
  4. Please note that there is a fee to have a booth at events. Non-commercial vendor rates are $50 for resident and $62.50 for non-resident. Commercial vendor rates are $71 for residents and $89 for non-residents. *These prices are subject to change**
  5. Do you operate a vehicle, trailer or van that you plan to use?*
    (for setting up, operation of booth, and/or tear down)
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