Bid Title: Prototype Designs for Accessory Dwelling Units
Category: Professional Services
Status: Closed

The City of Seaside is gearing up for a major push to encourage development of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in existing residential neighborhoods. Building ADUs is seen as a relatively inexpensive way to increase the City’s housing supply, address the current housing crisis, and assist existing homeowners by providing additional rental income. To encourage ADU development the City is in the process of removing permit fees, providing low-interest loan options and streamlining the plan check process. The City is also in the process of preparing details for the allocation of water credits that have been set aside exclusively for ADUs. To further promote ADUs the City wishes to also design and complete several demonstration ADU projects that will highlight detached ADUs, Junior ADUs and attached garage conversion ADUs. 

Depending on the sites selected, the proposed architectural contract will include the completion of three or more of the following distinct design tasks:

  • -           Schematic and working drawings for the repair or remodeling of one or two existing homes. The extent of the rehabilitation work on the existing homes remains to be determined, but at a minimum, will require upgrades to provide state-of-the-art water conservation appliances and fixtures.
  • -          The incorporation of a Junior ADU into one of the houses to be remodeled.
  • -          The design of a prototype 500 square foot detached ADU to be built on one or two demonstration sites.  
  • -          An attached garage conversion ADU for an existing home.
  • -          The development of a manufactured ADU demonstration home. The selected architect would assist in the selection of the manufacturer of a State-approved manufactured ADU, and prepare the site plan and foundation work required for its installation.  

The detached ADU should be a one-bedroom, one bath, design of approximately 500 square feet in size. It should be high quality but simple in design with high energy efficiency, long-lasting materials and ease of construction in mind. Incorporated into the design should be state-of-the-art water conservation appliances and fixtures, landscaping materials and equipment and a gray water and/or water catchment system, both as a water conservation demonstration and as a way to minimize the need for additional water allocation by the City. The ADUs will utilize the same water meters currently in place for the existing homes.

In keeping with the Seaside Housing Element’s Goal H-7 Policy to encourage universal design, the ADUs should meet universal design standards, if practical given site conditions. This should provide, at a minimum, wheelchair access to the front and rear entrances, in the hallways and doorways, and with appropriate grab bars in the bathroom.

It is the City’s intention that the completed working drawings for the detached ADU would be a prototype design, with several design options, that could then be pre-approved by the City’s Building Department and then made available, free of charge, to local homeowners as encouragement to build. The completed working drawings would become the property of the City to be used by homeowners on multiple future sites

Publication Date/Time:
11/13/2019 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
12/12/2019 5:00 PM
Submittal Information:
Addendum Date/Time:
November 18, 2019
Contact Person:
David Foster, Housing Program Manager
The City is looking for a quality architectural team with experience in the design and development of new homes, Accessory Dwelling Units, garage conversions and existing home remodeling. This Request for Proposals allows for a 30- day submittal deadline. The City’s Model Professional Service Agreement (sample attached) will be utilized for this contract. The selection process will also follow the City’s Local First Source Recruitment Policy requirements (attached). Proposals from non-profit organizations, or that offer a partnership which includes non-profit involvement or other creative partnerships, are encouraged.
Special Requirements:
7. Proposal Contents and Submittal Requirements
a. Proposal Contents
i. Cover Letter;
ii. A description of the firm qualifications and experience in managing similar projects;
iii. A description of the project team including resumes of key personnel;
iv. At least three recent references for key projects;
v. Detailed Scope of Services providing a description of all the work tasks required to complete the project which includes schematics and working drawings for a detached 500 square foot new construction ADU and an attached two car garage conversion ADU.;
vi. A schedule to complete all of the tasks listed in your Scope of Services. The schedule should reflect an understanding that the City would like to accelerate this project to the extent practical, and include the amount of time required for each task including reasonable time for City staff to review.
vii. A detailed budget for the architectural Scope of Services, including project milestones and the expected payment for each milestone. Include a total “not-to-exceed” bid amount for the schematics and working drawings for a detached 500 square foot new construction ADU and an attached two car garage conversion ADU. The cost proposal shall be signed by an official authorized to bind the firm and shall contain a statement that the fee proposed is valid for the entire project if the project begins within 90 days.

All proposals should be submitted electronically via the file upload link at

All questions regarding this RFP should be directed via email to All questions and answers will be distributed to any person or firm who has expressed interest. Any questions must be submitted no later than Monday, December 2, 2019.

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