Persons seeking employment with Seaside Fire Department should inquire at the Human Resources Office at City Hall. If there is an opening, applications must be completed online through our online application website NeoGov.

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Anyone is welcome to visit the fire station to inquire about the application process, positions and Fire Department operations.


To be notified of the next open recruitment period, please fill out an Interest Card.
Fire Department turnout jacket hanging on fire engine door

Firefighter Position

The Firefighter position is a journey-level class in the fire service series that performs all normal fire suppression, basic medical emergency, hazardous materials, and other emergency response activities. The nature of the work performed requires an employee in this class to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all others contacted in the course of work and requires the ability to perform heavy physical work at potential risk to health and safety. This class is distinguished from Fire Engineer in that the latter drives and operates all fire equipment and apparatus.