Seaside Police & Fire Department Youth Cadet Program 

Welcome to Seaside Fire Department's Youth Cadet Program, an exciting initiative designed to empower and inspire the leaders of tomorrow. Our program aims to provide young individuals with invaluable experiences, skills, and opportunities for personal growth, leCHAMP Info Session Flyer adership development, and community engagement.

About the Program

The Seaside Fire Department Youth Cadet Program is an immersive journey for youths aged 14-20. Throughout the program, cadets will participate in a diverse range of activities, workshops, and community service projects, all carefully curated to foster leadership qualities, teamwork, and a sense of civic responsibility.

Our Mission

At Seaside Fire Department, we firmly believe in nurturing the potential within every young person. Our mission is to create an inclusive and supportive environment that empowers youths to discover their strengths, embrace challenges, and make a positive impact in their communities.

Program Highlights

Firefighting Skills Development: As part of our program, youth cadets will have the unique opportunity to participate in hands-on firefighting skills development. Through practical training sessions, they will learn the fundamentals of fire safety, equipment operation, and emergency response. This experience not only instills a sense of bravery and preparedness but also provides a valuable introduction to the world of firefighting.

Leadership Training: Youth Cadets will receive comprehensive leadership training, equipping them with essential skills like communication, problem-solving, decision-making, resume building, interview skills and time management.

Community Service: We strongly emphasize giving back to the community. Youth Cadets will have the chance to engage in meaningful service projects, fostering a sense of compassion and social responsibility.

Mentorship: Our youth cadets will benefit from mentorship by experienced professionals and community leaders who are committed to guiding and inspiring the next generation.

Team Building: Teamwork is the foundation of success. Through interactive team-building activities, youth cadets will develop strong bonds with their peers, enhancing their ability to collaborate effectively.

How to Apply

The application process and interviews for the current program have concluded. We highly encourage any interested youth to still submit an application. There may be instances where we can accommodate additional cadets. If no immediate openings are available, we will keep your application on our waitlist and notify you promptly if a spot becomes available.

If you're interested in joining either the Fire Department Youth Cadet Program or the Police Department Cadet Program, follow these steps:

To access the application in English, please click here. Para acceder a la aplicación en español, por favor haga clic aquí. Physical copies are also available at the relevant department.

Submit Your Application:

In-Person: Drop off completed forms at the Fire or Police Department during operating hours.

EmailFor Fire Youth Cadet Program applications, email forms to with "Seaside Youth Fire Cadet Program Application" in the subject.

(For Police Youth Cadet Program applications, email forms to with "Seaside Youth Police Cadet Program Application" in the subject.)

Contact Us

If you have any questions or inquiries about the Fire Department Youth Cadet Program, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at (831) 899 - 6791.

We look forward to embarking on this transformative journey with the aspiring young leaders of our community!

Firefighter Position

The Firefighter position is a journey-level class in the fire service series that performs all normal fire suppression, basic medical emergency, hazardous materials, and other emergency response activities. The nature of the work performed requires an employee in this class to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all others contacted in the course of work and requires the ability to perform heavy physical work at potential risk to health and safety. This class is distinguished from Fire Engineer in that the latter drives and operates all fire equipment and apparatus.

  1. Hiring
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Persons seeking employment with Seaside Fire Department should inquire at the Human Resources Office at City Hall. If there is an opening, applications must be completed online through our online application website NeoGov.
Click here for Current Employment Opportunities.

Anyone is welcome to visit the fire station to inquire about the application process, positions and Fire Department operations.


To be notified of the next open recruitment period, please fill out an Interest Card.


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Firefighter in gear near vehicle fire
Seaside Firefighters extinguishing vehicle fire
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