Building Plan Checks

Plan Check Submittal Process

Plan Submission

Plans shall be submitted at the Seaside Fire Department located at:

1635 Broadway Avenue

Seaside, CA 93955

Documentation Requirements

Contractors shall submit at least three (3) sets of plans, with three sets of supporting documentation including but not limited to:

  • Copy of owners certificate
  • Cut sheets on equipment to be installed
  • Product information
  • Water flow and hydraulic calculations for review and comment

This will allow for one set of plans to be returned to the applicant. If additional sets of plans are needed, please make sure the number of requested plans, plus two (+2) are submitted.

Additional Plan Information

A cover sheet or submittal form containing the following information should be provided along with the submitted plans:

  • Date
  • Plan Type and Number of Copies
  • Project Name / Address
  • Applicant Name
  • Applicant Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Valuation Amount


  • Plan review fees will be accessed in accordance with the Seaside Fire Department Fee Schedule (PDF).
  • 50% of the plan review fees will be due at the time of the plan submission. Plan review fees shall be paid in full prior to the release of the approved plans.

Note: Checks should be made out to: City of Seaside