Fire Department Training

Modern firefighters face a difficult task. As we have progressed over the decades, firefighters need to be highly proficient in all aspects of emergency services. Today’s fire environment is far more challenging than in the past. Prefabricated construction techniques and inexpensive furnishings create an extremely flammable and toxic environment for potential victims and firefighters alike. In addition, firefighters are called upon, and expected to effectively deal with, a variety of life threatening non-fire related situations. In fact, medical emergencies and rescue calls account for a majority of our responses.

Continuous Training

The Seaside Fire Department maintains a professionally trained, competent, staff. We conduct in-service training which supports our mission of responding safely and efficiently to emergencies. Training for a firefighter today is non-stop and rapid paced. Not only do we train on routine tasks, such as placing ladders and advancing hoses, but we continually review street locations, life saving medical techniques, and matters related to fire prevention.
Firefighters climbing ladder from fire apparatus
Pie Chart of the Fire Department Services