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The Seaside Police Department is made up Field Operations and Support Services divisions. The entire Department is under the command of the Chief of Police.

Field Operations Division


Patrol Officers provide the public with initial police response to both emergency and non-emergency requests for service in a timely and organized manner.  


Seaside Police Department Patrol handles:
  • Daily street patrol of the city
  • Responding to dispatched calls for service
  • Traffic enforcement
  • On-view enforcement of local, state and federal laws
  • General crime prevention
Patrol is divided into three Watches, providing coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A single Patrol Commander oversees the activities of the Patrol Division.


The City of Seaside is geographically divided into beats; a "beat" being the area of responsibility for an assigned officer. Officers patrol their assigned beat, responding to dispatched calls for service or otherwise enforcing laws within that area.

Peninsula Regional Violence and Narcotics Team (PRVNT)

The mission of this specialized team is to significantly diminish violent crime associated with gang activity, other high-risk crimes, and the availability and use of illegal drugs on the Monterey Peninsula through collaborative involvement of the region’s police departments, thereby increasing public safety.

Animal Control

The Seaside Police Department Animal Control officer ensures the protection and well-being of animals and people by providing responsive and proactive animal services.

Support Services Division


Includes the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief, an Administrative Assistant, and an Administrative Analyst.


The Investigations Division is made up of detectives that apprehend and prosecute offenders and/or resolve investigations in a timely and thorough manner. 


The Records Department processes and provides useful, accurate, and timely police information to support all levels of public service.

Property & Evidence

The Police Services Specialist (PSS) is assigned to the Property & Evidence division. The PSA duties include collecting, process, and storing evidence to aid in the identification and prosecution of offenders and to appropriately return or dispose of property upon completion of an investigation.
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