West Broadway Urban Village Infrastructure Project

"Community Development" with image of aerial view of land
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Monterey Peninsula Engineering (MPE) was awarded the construction contract on March 2, 2017 to construct the West Broadway Urban Village Infrastructure Improvements Project.  MNS Engineers (MNS) was retained to perform construction management services for the City overseeing the contractor’s daily operations and management of the project.  MNS staff includes a survey crew, resident engineer, construction inspector, material testing, and environmental biologist.  MNS employs a full time construction inspector for the project who is onsite daily.  Surveying crew and material testing is provided as needed.  

Photo of APWA event
Award for 2019 Project of the Year

Pictured: Christine Anderson and Todd Lewis - Mark Thomas Design, John Wallace - APWA MBC President and Wallace Group, Rick Riedl - Public Works Director/ City Engineer, Peter Taormina - Monterey Peninsula Engineering, and Kathy Lett - MNS Engingeering.

Nomination for APWA Public Works Project of the Year Award
Photo of APWA event

Pictured: Rick Riedl - Public Works Director/ City Engineer, Scott Ottmar - Senior Civil Engineer, Tim O'Halloran - American Water.

Construction Daily Reports

Award for TAMC 2018 Transportation Excellence Project

Notice, Plans and Special Provisions for Construction of the West Broadway Urban Village Infrastructure Improvements Project

Specifications for the Project  (please note that this is a VERY large document and may take a while to load)

Representatives from the City of Seaside,  Monterey Peninsula Engineering and the Monterey Bay Small Business Development Council held a meeting with the Broadway Businesses on July 25, 2017 at the Seaside Chamber of Commerce.  Click here for the informational packet