Community Driven Strategic Plan

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SFD has decided to seek Accreditation through the Center for Public Safety Excellence (CPSE) in order to assess and improve service delivery to the communities of Seaside and Del Rey Oaks.  In 2019 the Seaside Fire Department engaged the community and conducted a Community Driven Strategic Plan to establish objectives and priorities to improve service delivery to Citizens. 

The department believes this work will help build more effective strategies that align with the values of the communities.

The Plan includes the following: 

  • A background and history of the department
  • The Community Driving Strategic Planning Process
  • External Stakeholder Findings
  • Internal Stakeholder Findings
  • Major Goals and Objectives and Timeline with Critical Tasks

The plan was delivered to the City Council in early 2020 and can be accessed from the links below: 

Seaside Fire Department 2019-2024 Strategic Plan

Community Risk Assessment: Standards of Cover

Outcome Goals and Objectives

As a result of the Strategic Plan, the following are the top resulting Major Goals and Objectives: 

Ensure diversity within our ranks to better represent the demographics of our communities

Evaluate current service demand to maintain and improve current delivery of services

Anticipate and prepare for increased service demands in the former Fort Ord

Maintain and improve current facilities, apparatus, equipment and staffing

Implement Community Risk Reduction Strategies

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  1. Why Accreditation?
  2. The Process

Why Seek Accreditation? 

In order to better serve its community, the SFD is seeking accreditation from th Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI). This program is an evaluative and recognition process to ensure the maintenance of standards or qualifications for a fire department. 

Through this process we are hoping to analyze our programs and services to identify our strengths and weaknesses, expand on services that are value added, and identify critical issues and reduce service gaps, optimize resources as well as establish goals and objectives through performance measurements and strategic initiatives.