The Commission on Jobs, Opportunities, and Business in Seaside            (C-JOBS)


  • 4 PM
  • 2nd Monday of each month
  • Seaside City Hall Council Chambers 
    440 Harcourt Avenue
    Seaside, CA 93955


C-JOBS consists of nine voting members selected for their business knowledge and interest in economic development issues. (Ord. 1062 § 2, 2019)
  • Joy Anderson, Chair 
  • Shyam Kamath, Commissioner 
  • Allan Groves, Commissioner 
  • David Rodriguez, Commissioner 

About the Commission

C-JOBS shall provide recommendations to the City Council on policies, programs, and projects, which may encourage investment, increase job creation, improve workforce training and other opportunities, or otherwise expand business opportunities in Seaside. The primary advisory functions are generally divided into four advisory services:

  1. Economic and Business Development, 
  2. Business Communication, 
  3. Business Attraction, and 
  4. Business Retention and Expansion.