Animal Control

"Police Department"
If your pet has been picked up by the Seaside Animal Control Officer, please call 831-899-6744 as soon as possible.

Your pet will be taken to the SPACA within 24 hours of pickup if no contact is made with you. The SPCA phone number is 831-373-2631, press "0" for the operator.

Pet Adoption

Animal Control 2013-2014 Adopted Fee Schedule (PDF)
SPCA of Monterey County An Independent, Donor-supported Humane Society Serving the Community

Animal Control Duties:

  • Enforce ordinances regarding animals in the City of Seaside
  • Pick up strays and injured animals
  • Enforce state and local quarantines regarding animal bites
  • Investigate any reports of animal cruelty or mistreatment
  • Educate and inform the public about animal laws in the City of Seaside

Barking Dog Next Door

If your neighbors dog is braking please take these steps in solving the issue:
  1. Contact the neighbor and attempt to resolve the situation through peaceful discussion.
  2. If no success, contact Animal Control Officer Ramsay at 831-899-6744 and she will contact the neighbor / dog owner directly.
  3. A citation can be issued if the problem persists. Call non-emergency dispatch at 831-394-6811 and request an officer. A citation will be presented to you for your signature (SSMC 6.04.160 A), and then served to the pet's owner.
Note: Pets don't want much...just you!


If you have any concerns about your pets, please contact Pets 911, they are here to help people across the country quickly and easily find the local pet-related information they need.